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The Yon-Ka Quintessence is an exclusive complex of actives and which is at the core of the Yon-Ka collection of products.

This unique and unparalleled elixir is a true multi-active beauty concentrate. It combines 5 fundamental essential oils in concentrations that have been precisely investigated to provide the most perfect synergy:

–          Geranium essential oil (pelargonium gravaeolens): for its anti-ageing and balancing properties

–          Rosemary essential oil (rosmarinus officinalis): for its detoxifying and firming properties

–          Lavender essential oil (lavendula angustifolia): for its soothing and regenerating properties

–          Cypress essential oil (cupressus sempervirens) for its refining and balancing properties

–          Thyme essential oil (thymus officinalis): for its purifying and invigorating properties


Le Grand Classique (60 Minutes) €80

  • An aromatic compress
  • 2 warm mists with 5 essential oils
  • Vegetal exfoliation
  • AHA Peeling
  • Elimination of blackheads
  • A customised relaxing massage for face, neck and decollete
  • A mask for the eye contours
  • A purifying mask with aromatic compress for face and neck
  • A fresh aromatic awakening

Le Grande Classique is one of the most elaborate, complete facials. Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion. Customised and recommended at any age, it centres on Yon-Ka’s exclusive deep cleansing regimen: in 5 successive steps carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the 5 Quintessence* essential oils, the pure glow of the epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.

RESULT – Purified skin, a toned complexion, and optimum relaxation. Le Grand Classique is a cornerstone facial to indulge in once a month to keep skin healthy and in top condition.


Hydralessence (60 Minutes) €85

  • A well-being aromatic compress
  • A thorough and gentle cleanse
  • A warm mist with 5 essential oils
  • Vegetal exfoliation
  • A hyaluronic infused mask with vapor bath
  • Elimination of blackheads
  • A targeted hydration massage for face, neck and decollete
  • A specialised hydrating fruit mask for the face and neck
  • The Yon-Ka touch. A nourishing and repairing hand treatment
  • A fresh aromatic awakening

Tightness, stinging…is your skin becoming rough and dull or being marked by fine lines? This is a cry for help: your skin is drying out. The Hydralessence Face is a high-performance treatment that will quickly help to restore its balance, suppleness, and softness. What’s the secret? The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts; the use of 2 refreshing masks, one including a massage with a fine aromatic mist; and the application of a repairing, hydration-reactivating duo using Yon-Ka techniques. The Yon-Ka touch during this facial: the application of a soft gel peel with citrus extracts on the hands, to hydrate and exfoliate simultaneously.

RESULT – Your skin is renewed, soothed, and rebalanced; softness and beauty are restored. Choose Hydralessence year-round, as soon as your skin starts showing symptoms of dehydration.




Yon-Ka Facials

Per Treatment Course – PP x 5, Get 1 Free

Le Grande Classique



Hydralessence €85



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