Genosys Micro-Needling


Skin-needling is the optimum treatment for building collagen cells, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation. The procedure works by creating a channel of micro wounds which stimulate cell regeneration. This allows the skin to naturally heal itself with the production of collagen and elastin cells. The result is renewed, plumper younger looking skin. With advanced technology available at MEDISKIN the treatment is delivered with no pain and minimal downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Micro-Needling used for?
Micro-Needling is used to effectively treat scarring, whether that be from acne, burns or surgery. It can also be used to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, areas of pigmentation and stretch marks. Large open pores and rough textured skin can also be improved with Micro-Needling.

When will I see the results of my Micro-Needling treatment?
Visible results of the skin-needling treatment are seen after 6-8 weeks following the procedure and continue over the following months for up to a year. A course of three  skin needling sessions, at 6-8 week intervals, is usually recommended to achieve optimum results, however great skin improvement is noticeable after just one treatment. You may be recommended to combine your treatments with an at home treatment programme in order to maximise results.

Is the Micro-Needling treatment painful and how long does it take?
Before your treatment commences, a topical anasthetic will be applied to your skin to minimise discomfort. This process takes 45 minutes to be fully effective. You should not feel any pain during the treatment. The actual micro-needling process takes 30 minutes.

What are the side-effects and downtime?
There is very little down time, although expect your skin to look and feel mildly sunburnt for about 24 hours after the treatment. During the next day or two there may be some mild peeling as the skin cells slough off. This is a normal reaction and after about a week your skin will look newer, brighter and smoother.


Area Per treatment PP x 3 get 1 free
Face €199 €597
Face and neck €229 €687
Décolleté €169 €507
Half back €250 €750
Breast €199 €597

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