Lycon Wax| Hair Removal Waxing


MEDISKIN uses Australia’s Lycon wax which contains the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing hairs as short as 1mm and with its low temperature it provides a much more comfortable and virtually pain-free treatment.

lycon2Lycon wax was first established in Australia in 1978 by its creator Lydia Jordane. It was first intoduced in Ireland in 2005 and is now available in more than 45 countries worldwide. It comes in a wide range of beautiful scents and is so gentle on your skin it can reapplied far more frequently than any other brand of wax! The brand is synonymous with consistency, quality and unrivalled effectiveness. At MEDISKIN you will only be waxed by a highly trained expert with years of intensive training. Here we ensure the highest standard of service and hygiene are met. MEDISKIN have a strict no double-dipping policy. Each application of wax is applied with a new clean spatula in order to prevent cross contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before my waxing appointment?
A few days prior to your waxing appointment you can start exfoliating your skin to remove any build up of dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the wax. On the day of your appoinmtent, do not apply moisturiser, deodorant or perfumes. Avoid sources of heat to the area such as hot showers/baths and saunas etc.

What is the difference between a californian, brazilian and a hollywood wax?
A californian is an extended bikini. A brazilian wax involves removing all the hair from the area but leaving behind a ‘landing strip’. A hollywood wax involves the complete removal of all hair.

What can I expect from my waxing appointment?
Your appointment will consist of a detailed and thorough consultation before the treatment, a complimentary patch test will be carried out if you have sensitive skin and we will give you aftercare advice to ensure you get the most from your waxing treatment. Any questions you have will be answered  and we will do our best to make sure your


Price List

  • Half leg – €25
  • ¾ leg – €35
  • Full leg – €40
  • Half leg and Standard bikini – €48
  • Half leg, Standard bikini and Underarm – €55
  • Full leg and Standard bikini – €55
  • Full leg, Standard bikini and underarm – €70
  • Full leg and Hollywood wax – €80
  • Full leg and Brazilian wax – €75
  • Full leg, hollywood and underarm wax – €90
  • Full leg, Brazilian and underarm wax – €85
  • Half leg and hollywood wax – €70
  • Half leg and Brazilian wax – €65
  • Bikini line waxing regular – €25
  • Extended/ Califorian – €30
  • Brazilian – €45
  • Hollywood – €50
  • Full arm – €28
  • Underarm – €20
  • Back or chest – €30
  • Upper leg and bikini – €40
  • Upper leg – €25
  • Eyebrow wax – €12
  • Lip wax – €12
  • Chin – €12
  • Lip/ chin/ sides of face – €22
  • Lip and chin – €16

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