IPL Thread Vein Removal | Facial Thread Vein Treatment


Thread veins, also known as red veins or broken capillaries, can be caused by exposure to extreme temperatures, sun exposure, pregnancy, alcohol or it could be hereditary.

Contrary to belief, the blood vessels are not ‘broken’ but due to damage they have become enlarged and so are visible on the skins surface.

PL uses an Intense Pulse Light system to directly target the enlarged blood vessel and cauterising it, making it unable to carry blood and allowing it to collapse and be flushed out by the body’s natural defences. The advantage of this technology is that the vessel can be targeted directly without damaging the healthy surrounding cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes Thread Veins?
Temperature control is one of the functions of our skin. To achieve this, the blood capillaries constrict and dilate as needed. Excessive vaso-constriction and vaso-dilation can cause the walls of the capillaries to lose its elasticity, resulting in enlarged, visible veins. Over constriction and over dilation can be due to many reasons, some of which include: over-exposure to UV rays, hormonal changes, pregnancy, exposure to extreme temperatures, medication or simply hereditary. Facial thread veins can also be triggered by smoking excessive alcohol.

How does IPL Facial Thread Vein Removal work?
Our advanced technology Ellipse IPL System removes facial thread veins by delivering precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light which are absorbed by the targeted blood vessel, heating it to a point where it is destroyed. Following treatment the vessels quickly collapse and are re-absorbed by the body to be flushed out by our bodys natural defences, leaving little or no trace of the original vessel. This procedure is extremely safe and effective as it targets only the blood vessel and leaves the surrounding tissue undisturbed.

What can I expect from my appointment?
You will not be treated for IPL thread vein removal without first undertaking a thorough consultation with our highly trained therapists. This will include a patch test which will confirm your suitability for the treatment. Your appointment will begin with the application of a cooling gel to the area being treated, which will minimize discomfort during the thread vein removal procedure. You will also be supplied with eye protection to wear during the treatment. There is little or no pain during the procedure. You may feel a sensation similar to a rubber band snapping on the skins surface. It is typically felt more around the nose area due to it being more sensitive, however, your therapist will ensure you are as comfortable as possible and lower your settings if required.

With the advanced technology available at MEDISKIN combined with our highly trained and knowledgable therapists, your treatment plan will be completely customized and tailored to your specific skin concerns.

A course of treatments with at least a fortnight in between is recommended for best results and to minimise adverse reactions. You may be recommended to combine your IPL treatment with a skincare regime that is high in vitamins A, C, E and hyaluronic acid. The daily use of a SPF 30 is essential to protect your sun sensitive skin throughout the treatments.




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