Vita E Essential Cream -

Vita E Essential Cream


Great for dry, ageing skin
Packed with antioxidants
Helps prevent moisture loss
Promotes a healthy barrier function

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The Glo Therapeutics Vita E Essential Cream is packed with active botanical extracts and an antioxidant blend which successfully maintains the skin’s collagen stores for longer.
A unique blend of rosehip seed oil and antioxidant vitamin E work together to aid cell regeneration, preserve a youthful elasticity and protect the skin against collagen destruction. Liquorice extract takes care of excessive melanin production to minimise the appearance of dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Black currant seed oil maintains the skins barrier function and prevents moisture loss, keeping the skin strong, firm and resilient to external damaging factors.

How to use

Apply to skin after cleansing. Layer over your chosen serums for additional treatment benefits.


Vitamin E: This chirally-correct antioxidant, if used as a topical treatment, boosts the body’s immune system and restores losses that result from damage by free radicals.
Black Currant: Not only does black currant offer anti-inflammatory benefits, but it enhances circulation, strengthens the functioning of skin barriers, and helps prevent the skin from dehydrating.
Licorice: With antioxidants and the ability to fight inflammation, licorice minimizes the visibility of discoloration of the skin.

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