Cleanse Off Mitt -

Cleanse Off Mitt


Suitable for all skin types.

Replaces facial wipes. Just add water!

Chemical free.

Perfect travel companion.

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An innovative Irish product, created by the renowned skin therapist Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd, Cleanse Off Mitt is a reusable microfibre cosmetic mitt designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin. It is safe, gentle, thorough and respectful to the skin. Cleanse Off Mitt contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives that can often irritate and exacerbate many skin conditions.Cleanse Off Mitt is designed to replace the need of facial wipes, which can be harsh on the skin.

Cleanse Off Mitt is an ideal gentler and more convenient alternative to a typical facecloth and cotton wool.

We recommend you use the Cleanse Off Mitt as a pre-cleanse to remove surface makeup and follow up with your regular cleanser.

This product may not be suitable for all skin types, if you are unsure please contact us. We require that during checkout users create an account so we can track previous orders.


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