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Lip Drink

Have you tried any of the Jane Iredale lip products? If not, then why not? There are so many different products out there and so much to know and choose from. How do you know what’s best? Well first thing you should ask is if this product will cause any damage to my skin? Yes even lip… more

How Important is it to Tone your Skin?

I get asked the question ”should I tone?”, and the answer is, to be totally honest, not really. There are many other products that should be prioritised before a toner, such as your cleansers, serums and moisturisers. If you think about what a toner does, they could actually hinder your results. Generally toners are designed to tighten… more

Yon-KA? Yes please!

Have you tried any of our beautiful Yon-KA products? Yon-Ka are a well established skincare company that have been around for 60 years. The core of Yon-KA products is the “Quintessence” a beautiful aromatic signature blend of essential oils that are selected for the positive results they provide the skin with. Science and research are at the… more

Skin Youth Biome – Healthy Gut, Healthy Skin

Advanced Nutrition Programme have recently launched Skin Youth Biome, a new probiotic supplement formulated to target skin health. Formulated with Vitamin C to support Collagen formation, Skin Youth Biome also includes 5 billion active cultures with four scientifically-studied strains of bacteria which provide antioxidant protection, support immunity and are anti-ageing. The combination of Vitamin C and live cultures… more

Skincare Supplements to Turbo Charge Your Skincare Routine

Many of us take supplements as a way of boosting our nutritional requirements, but did you know that the nutrients contained in these often aren’t plentiful enough to benefit our skin? Here at Mediskin we stock Advanced Nutrition Programme, a skin specific line of supplements aimed at overall skin health and well being as well as targeting… more


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