EGF.... What is that? -

Did you know we are only 1 of 2 stockists in Ireland of this revolutionary Icelandic brand?

Bio Effect EGF DAY SERUMEGF? what is that I hear you scream.. is it a buzz word? Is it a hashtagable? Is that even a word?! I think not! but I know we are on the same page.

Epidermal Growth Factors that is what it stands for. We all need more growth factors in our skin and with BIOEFFECT products you get just that.

These growth factors are extremely important as they are the messengers that work on a cellular level and communicate with your cells to tell it to repair the skin, rejuvinate or to proliferate, that means to multiply.

In skincare products with epidermal growth factors are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they can do so much with in our cells that we other wise might not be able to stimulate the skin to do on it’s own. When we are born we have plenty of EGF’S in our system but as we get older like everything else this starts to diminish and we start to see more lines and wrinkles. Skin can also become thinner and lacking in moisture due to loss of EGF.

BIOEFFECT have a fantastic skin care range that uses plant based EGF’S that are reproduced using Barley and as barley is self pollinating there is no risk of cross breeding which is very important as any cross breeding can cause endotoxins in the body.

All BIOEFFECT products are Sulfate, Paraben, Fragrance free.

To really get the benefits of BIOEFFECT I highly recommend doing the 30 Day treatment as this really gives you an idea of just how well these products can perform with your skin. In the 30 day treatment there are 3 different types of EGF’S that are utilised and delivered to the skin helping to:

  • Restore skins hydration
  • Improve skin tone
  • Minimise pore size, wrinkles and redness
  • Increase skin thickness and improve texture overall
  • Fragrance, alcohol and oil free.
  • Hypoallergenic

This treatment can be done 1-4 times a year to give the skin a really good boost and deliver highly concentrated EGF’S to the skin.

Treat yourself and get your skin glowing before the Christmas party season

To shop all the product range visit the Mediskin website

Orders can be posted for an extra €5 making it so much easier for you to get started on a skin journey you will love.

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