Product Spotlight: BIOEFFECT 30 Day Treatment -


Have you heard of Icelandic skincare brand BIOEFFECT? 

Bioeffect are the first skincare company to successfully harvest and modify growth factors from plant matter and utilise them to enhance human cellular activity and function. In simple terms they have created a range of products that can essentially turn back the clock on skin ageing!

Their 30 day treatment is an at home treatment yielding clinic standard results. This superstar product contains three types of cellular growth factors which gives the skin a complete overhaul to reveal plump, smooth and more hydrated skin and a youthful appearance. Perfect for anyone in need of serious TLC or who has a big event coming up, but no time for clinic appointments in the run up.

The product couldn’t be more simple to use; apply to face and neck post cleansing, sit back and enjoy visible results in just 30 days!

We are currently offering 20% off Bioeffect online, buy this treatment for only €200, follow the link above to shop this product and the full Bioeffect range.

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