Back to School Zen - 5 Ways to Ease the Strain this September

Back to School Mediskin

Back to School Zen

Back to school/college time can be quite stressful for everyone involved: mam, dad, students and even the teachers. For those of us not heading back to the books, September can be a little bit like a mini January. The summer is over, the evenings are getting shorter and the long winter nights lie ahead.

However, don’t stress, we have 5 tips to help you to sail through this September!


1. Sleep

Probably the single most important thing you can do for body and mind is to get enough sleep. In a recent study, scientists have revealed that they believe that just 10% of aging is down to genetics with the rest dependent upon lifestyle choices. Doctors therefore believe that one of the pillars of a long and healthy life is getting 8 hours sleep every night.

So put away your phone before bed, don’t consume caffine or alcohol before sleeping and ensure your bedroom is a darkened oasis of calm before catching your 40 winks.

Back to School MEDISKIN

We don’t advise sleeping here, it looks rather uncomfortable?

2. Establishing a Routine

A good way to elimate stressful situations on an every day basis is to get yourself and the kids in a good back to school routine. This can remove some of the headache involved for example in the mad dash to get out the door every morning. Looking for somewhere to start? Something as simple as preparing your lunch the night before can make a huge difference in the morning.

Follow this link for Geraldine’s favourite healthy salad recipe:

3. Hydrate

Water, water, water. We can’t emphasize it enough. If you know us here in the clinic you will know that hydration is one of the vital components of healthy skin. If you pop into MEDISKIN for an appointment, the first thing we will do is offer you a glass of water!

For both children and adults, consuming enough water each day ensures that

  • Brain function is optimised keeping your mind clear
  • Aids healthy digestion
  • Reduces high blood pressure and high cholestrol
  • Improves overall appearance of the skin
  • Fight fatigue – a well hydrated body is a well energised body
  • Rid the body of toxins

We could go on…

Back to School MEDISKIN

4. SPF

One of our most asked questions by newcomers to MEDISKIN  is

‘But if its not sunny outside, do I really need SPF??’

The answer is YES. On the deepest darkest days in winter, you will still need to wear SPF. The issue is not the sunshine, rather it is the UV radiation in light that does the damage. Staying indoors is not an excuse not to wear SPF either as windows do not block out UV radiation which is responsible for skin damage and ultimately skin cancer. Protect your skin and your kids skin daily, we promise you will thank us for it!

Shop all the SPF you could ever need here

5. Reward

At the end of a long week, it is very important to take some ‘you time’. Treating yourself, recognising the little wins during the week and focussing on the positives are all essential tasks in maintaining a positive mental outlook. Here at MEDISKIN, we believe a healthy mind, a healthy body and healthy skin are all connected and of equal importance.

Here’s a few products we recommend for your end of week/ back to school treat:

mediskin back to school

Luxurious Image Sheet Mask


Back to School Mediskin

For kids and adults alike – Sudsy Sweets Bathbomb


Back to School Mediskin

Or maybe you would prefer a facial for the utlimate treat?


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