Product of the Week: Lilac TCC Antibacterial Cleansing Syndet Bar

Lilac Cleansing Syndet Bar

An anti-bacterial cleansing bar for acne-prone, sensitive skin, dermatologically approved, all for less than €12? You can’t possibly go wrong!

Lilac TCC Antibacterial Cleansing Syndet Bar €11.99

  • Gently cleansing product used to treat acne prone, delicate and sensitive skin.
  • Soap free, colour free, paraben free, pH neutral.
  • Contains moisturising ingredients including almond oil, glycerin and lilac prebiotic complex.
  • TCC or Triclocarban is an added antibacterial property to stop the spread of breakouts.
  • Ideal to use post shaving to prevent acne.


Why use Lilac Cleansing Syndet Bar?

Lipid Free Cleanser

This cleansing bar will help maintain the moisture wihin your skin which can be particularly difficult for those with sensitive skin. It does not contain ingredients which are going to strip or dry out the skin.

Protects Epidermal Barrier

After using the cleansing bar, a moisture film and repairing active ingredients remain on the skin. This helps to maintain the skin’s protective epidermal barrier and keeps the skin soothed.

Neutral pH

The lilac cleansing syndet bars have a neutral pH, similar of that to the skin which means no irritation to sensitive skin.


Lilac Cleasing Syndet Bar is also available for a wide range of skin types :

  1. Lilac Anti Aging 
  2. Lilac Dead Sea Mud
  3. Lilac Repairing – post laser and peel
  4. Lilac Ski & Cold
  5. Lilac Moisturising Aloe Vera


Where can I purchase Lilac TCC Antibacterial Cleansing Syndet Bar?


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