Skin Accumax Results - Before and After Pictures.

Skin Accumax Results

Skin Accumax – The Proof it Works!


Would you believe these results were achieved after just 6 weeks of Accumax?

NO professional skin treatments, just our Accumax supplements from our Advanced Nutrition Programme – The Skincare Supplement and 6 sessions of Colonic Irrigation.

Our aim here was to reduce the internal inflammation first and then treat the skin topically.

Colonic irrigation uses fresh water to hydrate, neutralise, and cleanse the body.

Unsure whether Colonic Irrigation is for you?

 It’s pain free and has immediate benefits. It speeds up your metabolism, reduces bloating, aids with weight loss, brightens skin, reduces inflammation and hydrates.

If you are still unconvinced, head to our blog post: Top 5 Benefits of Colonic Irrigation for more information

Skin Consultation

At MEDISKIN, we offer free skin consultations. During this appointment, one of out highly trained therapists will evaluate your skin, chat through your current skin care routine and then make some suggestions on how we can help you achieve radiant, clear skin. We will suggest a homecare regime, some treatments you may like to try in the clinic and give you some samples of products for you to try at home. You are under no obligation to buy any products or book in for any treatments.

To make a booking call us on 067 64876, email us at info@mediskin.ie or book online at www.mediskin.ie/book-online/

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