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At MEDISKIN you can benefit from a unique state of the art tanning experience by a highly trained expert that has undergone extensive training. We invest in the latest and best equipment when it comes to spray tanning & skin care. We offer a clean-air tanning environment, with superior extraction of fumes and excess tan through our purpose built spray-tan room and spray gun. We are proud to introduce its unique system of spray tanning. Your spray tan appointment will begin with a detailed consultation where factors such as skin tone, hair colour, skin type and tanning preferences are all used to determine which of our brands of tan best meet your needs. Our unique system also ensures perfect application every time.

  • Tanning tips from the Mediskin Experts



    1. Exfoliate. Exfoliating before getting a Spray Tan is one of the most important parts of the tanning process. Removing the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin allows the Spray Tan to take to the skin evenly, producing a streak free finish. Make sure any hair removal takes place the day before to avoid any skin irritation.
    2. Don’t moisturise before a Spray Tan. Do not wear moisturisers, deodorants and makeup as they can act as a barrier to the tanning solution. This means the tanning solution may not settle on the skin evenly, reducing the absorption of the tanning solution, resulting in a lighter tan or worse, streaks.
    3. Use a Barrier Cream . When Spray Tanning it is crucial to apply a barrier cream to dry areas of the skin. Apply the barrier cream to any areas of hard skin that can go darker with Spray Tan such as the knees, heels, elbows and palms of the hand. The application of barrier cream will reduce the darkening in those areas ensuring the areas of hard skin have the same depth of tan as the surrounding areas. Do not apply too much cream and lightly rub in leaving a thin smear on the surface of the skin.
    4. Get sprayed in a solution that suits your skin tone. It’s very important that you get sprayed by a qualified Spray Tanning Technician that understands your skin tone and has the ability to match solutions to your complexion. The tanning solutions we use at Mediskin are created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. Mediskin tanning technicians are fully trained to listen to your needs and will choose the perfect colour to suit your skin and leave you with a glowing natural tan.
    5. Wear loose clothing after a tan. After your Spray Tan, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing that does not cling and affect the quality of your tan. It is also best to wear dark clothing that is easily washable to ensure that any tan solution that rubs onto clothing will not stain.
    6. Blend. Blending any kind of tanning product is very important in ensuring an even, streak-free, flawless tan. Your Tanning Technician will blend where appropriate when applying your tan.
    7. Be patient. Don’t spoil your Spray Tan by washing it off too early. Always remember to leave your tan on for the recommended amount of time. Your Mediskin Technician will advise the right amount of time for your skin’s complexion for the solution that has been applied to your skin. It’s also important to be patient and avoid partaking in any physical activity soon after getting a Spray Tan as the acidity from sweating can affect the colour of a Spray Tan. It’s also a good idea while your skin is tanned to stay away from harsh skin-stripping chemicals that are found in pools and spas.
    8. Invest in After-Care Products: To keep your tan fresh and glowing for as long as possible you need to look after it. Spend some time moisturising yourself every day using home-care products as recommended by your Mediskin Tanning expert. Stop your tan from washing away by using shower products which are sodium lauryl sulphate free and contain no harsh chemicals that will strip the skin of its colour unlike many body washes on the market. Ask your Mediskin tanning technician what they recommend.
    9. Re-book your tan: Re-booking your next Mediskin Spray-Tan just after receiving a tan is one of the best ways to ensure a perfect tan for your next big event or holiday. For many Spray tanning technicians, customer loyalty is a huge part of ensuring that they can continue to offer a Spray Tanning service. We offer packages on spray-tans where savings can be made on a purchase of multiple tans at the same time.
    10. Refer a friend: Why not save some money and make your friends happy at the same time! Mediskin have a loyalty system and when you refer somebody new to come to us you will receive 100 loyalty points on your account. So don’t keep your Mediskin tanning expert to yourself, spread the Mediskin love and earn some loyalty points!


Spray-Tanning Prices

  • €40 full body
  • €30 half body

MEDISKIN Tanning Passes

Once you experience a MEDISKIN spray tan, you will be hooked. For this reason we have created MEDISKIN Spray Tanning passes. These passes come in packs of 3, 5 and 10. Pass holders avail of discounted prices so be sure to inquire about yours at your consultation.

  • 3 Tan Applications €100
  • 5 Tan Applications €150
  • 10 Tan Applications €270

Tanning Application time is typically 25 minutes for a full body spray tan. and 20 minutes for a half body application. 

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At MEDISKIN we believe in promoting safe tanning and strive to help our clients understand the dangers that occur from the absorption of UVA and UVB rays. UV Rays are the biggest contributing factor to premature aging and wrinkles. accounting for almost 80% of cases. Aesthetic factors aside, skin cancer is now the most common type of cancer in Ireland with 9/10 cases resulting from the use of sunbeds and abuse of UV Rays.

 Remember: The only safe tan is fake tan!


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