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Why am I Not Seeing Results From My Skincare?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a skincare rut? Doing facial after facial but seeing no improvement? Sometimes doing a lot of one thing isn’t enough and doing a little bit of everything can be better. Other times things we perceive as beneficial can be detrimental. It’s hard to know what to do,  so below are… more

Winter Hydration with the Newest Additions to the Vital C Range

Now that the sun has disappeared and the temperatures have dropped we are turning our attention towards piling on the winter layers, cranking up the heating and hibernating  indoors. While some of us will gladly welcome this change it can bear consequences on your skin in the form of dehydration!! Even the oiliest of skins can suffer… more

Amazing Chemical Peel Promotion
Amazing Promotion with Orla

Orla is the newest member of Team MEDISKIN! Orla joins Team MEDISKIN coming from a background in Spa Treatments. She offers a wonderful hollistic experience to her clients including massage in most of her treatments. Her gentle manner and kind nature have already made a huge impression on our clients since she arrived. To learn more about Orla’s background… more

Colonic Irrigation, Weight Loss, Digestive Health, Clear Skin
Top 5 Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

What can Colonic Irrigation do for me? What if I told you there was a treatment that would improve the condition of your skin, hydrate your body, help kick start weight loss and increase your energy levels and improve your mood? Would you believe it? Well there is, and it is fast becoming our most popular treatment… more

Winter Skincare Routine for optimum skin health
Top 5 Skincare Tips for Winter!

We accept in winter that the weather may not be great, that doesn’t mean we have to accept the same faith for our skin. The facts are, our skin changes regularly. Just like the seasons change so too does the moisture levels in the skin. External factors such as the environment play a huge role in how… more

Mineral foundation that lasts all day long
How to Make Mineral Foundation Last all Day!

Mineral Foundation : 7 Tips for a Flawless, Long-Lasting Finish A complaint we hear our new client’s mention on a daily basis is that their mineral foundation doesn’t last all day. It becomes patchy and starts to slip off the face. How we prepare our skin plays a huge part in how our make up sits and… more


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