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Deluxe Treatment Mediskin
Do you deserve Deluxe? A fabulous new range of treatments!

Deluxe Treatments at MEDISKIN Deluxe Treatments have landed in the clinic.We have combined the best loved treatments in the clinic to formulate the ultimate skin pampering. Mixing elements of multiple treatments during your appointment allows us to create a bespoke facial with exactly what your skin needs for its optimal health.   New Treatments Skin Peel Deluxe… more

Lilac Cleansing Syndet Bar
Product of the Week: Lilac TCC Antibacterial Cleansing Syndet Bar

An anti-bacterial cleansing bar for acne-prone, sensitive skin, dermatologically approved, all for less than €12? You can’t possibly go wrong! Lilac TCC Antibacterial Cleansing Syndet Bar €11.99 Gently cleansing product used to treat acne prone, delicate and sensitive skin. Soap free, colour free, paraben free, pH neutral. Contains moisturising ingredients including almond oil, glycerin and lilac prebiotic… more

How to treat acne and adult acne
5 Tips to Beat Adult Acne

Acne, Adult Acne – How do we treat it? Acne is a skin condition which affects women and men alike. It’s most common during puberty and late teens but can occur at any stage of our lives. And with busier lifestyles and higher stress levels, the number of people affected by adult acne is increasing. We have… more

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