Product of the Week: Image Yana Daily Collagen Shots

Image Yana Daily Collagen Shots

Product of the Week Image Yana Daily Collagen Shots Drinking shots in the morning can increase skin firmess, reduce wrinkle depth and restore hydration. Don’t believe me? Read on. While this unfortunately doesn’t apply to tequila or baby guinness, these ‘beauty liquid’ shots from Image Skincare have wonderful skin benefits for anyone interesred in anti-aging. In addition,… more

Skin Superfood: Figs

Skin Superfood Figs

Simply a power house for nourishing skin and hair, Figs have amazing health benefits! Read on to find out more about this little wonder fruit. What can figs do for you and your skin? Glowing Skin This fruits tiny seeds are packed with nutrients that help cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and mucus. Having such mucus,… more

Looking for tighter, firmer skin? Endymed could be for you!

Looking for tighter, firmer skin? Endymed

Ever wonder how to achieve tighter, firmer skin? With this medical grade radiofrequency (RF) treatment, this can be achieved. Endymed consists of 2 processes. 1. Endymed Glow First is the glow head, this uses state of the art technology, 3DEEP skin science, to deliver controlled, focused radiofrequency deep into the skin. This gently generates the optimum level… more

Eva’s Top 5 Reasons to Introduce Vitamin A into your Skincare Routine.

Vitamin A, also known as Retinol is the only known molecule that helps keep the skin healthy and provides anti-ageing benefits. When the skin is deficient in Vitamin A (which 95% of us are!) it can lead to problems/abnormalities such as pigmentation, sun damage and premature ageing. As our skin is so deficient in it, when we… more


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