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Winter Hydration with the Newest Additions to the Vital C Range

Now that the sun has disappeared and the temperatures have dropped we are turning our attention towards piling on the winter layers, cranking up the heating and hibernating  indoors. While some of us will gladly welcome this change it can bear consequences on your skin in the form of dehydration!! Even the oiliest of skins can suffer… more

Cleansing Mediskin
Skincare Basics: Cleansing – Are you doing it right?

For the lazy ones amongst us or the skincare novices, the first step to any successful skincare regime is cleansing. Correctly cleansing your skin morning and evening is absolutely ESSENTIAL! So in order to begin our series ‘Skincare Basics’, we thought we should make sure we are getting the first step right. A good cleansing routine is… more

Acne Mediskin
10 Common Causes of Acne and Breakouts – we can help!

Note: If you have been prescribed any of these ingredients to treat your specific skin condition by your therapist or dermatologist, please continue to use them as prescribed. However the usage of the following ingredients without guidance is not advised.  These 10 common skin-care ingredients could be the cause of your acne breakouts   Acne remedies that… more

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