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Gerladine Jones Mediskin

Geraldine Jones

Geraldine Jones is MEDISKIN CEO and all round girl boss. MEDISKIN and Geraldine have won several awards including Business Woman of the Year 2015, 2016 and most recently in 2018. She will represent Network North Tipperary in the coming weeks in the Network Ireland Awards. They also recently picked up the Business Gamechanger Award at the IIAA Salon of the Year Awards.

New Ventures

Geraldine is passionate about sourcing new products from around the world. She has set up a second company called ‘The Joneses’ distributing these products nationally and internationally to other salons and clinics. The Joneses also have an online shop where clients can purchase products, check out their fabulous products by clicking here:


Geraldine The Joneses

Her passion for products is so strong that she is currently formulating her own line of skincare products having listened to the needs and wants of her clients on a daily basis. Watch this space, there are very exciting times ahead…

Geraldine Jones

Skin Love

Having worked in the industry for 14 years, Geraldine is passsionate about providing the most innovative, up to date and and evidence based treatments and products. These are then tailored to each clients specific needs during their visits to the clinic. Geraldine believes skin health should be approached from a whole body perspective, where clean eating, regular exercise and de-stress techniques are just as important as clinical treatments. Her favourite treatment in the clinic is Colonic Irrigation. She believes our gut health and everything we consume daily is directly linked to our skin health.

Over the past three and a half years, Geraldine has built the MEDISKIN brand steadily. She has gone from working alone in the clinic to now employing a staff of 8. This all female wokforce is filled with a knowledge and love for all things skin. Geraldine loves seeing the difference great skin makes to a persons confidence and wants to offer this “feeling” to all MEDISKIN clients.

Geraldine Jones


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