Endymed 3 deep skin science -

Every wonder how to achieve tighter, firmer skin? Well with this medical grade radiofrequency treatment this can be achieved. Endymed consists of 2 processes. First is the glow head, this uses state of the art technology, 3DEEP skin science, to deliver controlled, focused radiofrequency deep into the skin, which gently generates the optimum level of heat to stimulate your skin cells. Stimulating the skin cells in this way encourages new collagen to be produced. This in turn improves the underlying structure of the skin, causing it to tighten and lift. This treatment lasts between 20 and 40 mins depending on the area. It does require a course of 6 treatments for optimum results. Then top up treatments are advised to prolong the lift of the treatment. You will not see the full effects of the endymed treatment until 3 months after the full course. You will however, see short term results after each treatment as your collagen contarcts, so you will get a sneak preview of whats to come!

The second phase in endymed is the pure applicator. This fractional skin resurfacing and tightening treatment combines two rejuvenation methods simultaneously to not only target lines and wrinkles but also texture and tone. It used the same unique endymed technology as the glow applicator, but delivers it in a different way, focusing the radiofrequency on the top layers of the skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is resurfaced through microdots of intense but rapid heat. This in turn stimulates the natural healing process in the skin. New skin is formed and the surrounding tissue is renewed and brighter. This does require a course treatment of  3 treatments  which each treatment being performed monthly. Top up treatments are also advised. Each treatment will last around 45 minutes depending on the area. A topical anesthetic is applied for extra comfort. The skin will be red and micro crustations are formed as the skin renews and the resurfacing takes place.

This treatment works very well when combined with the correct homecare and supplementation. Introducing vitamin A, C and stemcells into your skincare regime will enhance your result and prolong the life of you treatment. For pricing on this treatment you will require a free skin consultation.


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