Michelle's 5 Tips to ensure your Skin is Hydrated on a Flight.

Hydrated Skin when Flying

Hydrated Skin when Flying – Is it possible?

I think everyone can relate to feeling like a prune after a long haul flight. Trying to maintain hydrated skin in flight can be difficult.  It may seem extremely obvious but water is your best friend. Tempting as it may seem to have that large glass of Pinot, maybe try and avoid it. Your skin will thank you after.

Tip no.1 : Cleanser

Always bring a cleanser to freshen the skin. I cleanse twice for long haul flights to remove dirt and debris sitting on the surface of the skin. Dampen some cotton wool and pop a little cleanser on a cotton pad and sweep over the skin.

Tip no.2 : Hydrating Mask

Try to use a hydrating mask on the skin, this will prevent the skin from drying out and feeling uncomfortable. My pick is the vital c enzyme mask from Image. This can be left on the skin for 30 minutes or longer depending on your skin type. It contains vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant, designed to protect the skin and it also contains enzymes to aid in exfoliation. This can be purchased in our clinic, online or over the phone by calling (067) 64876.

Tip no.3 : Hylauronic Acid

Hylauronic acid is a must when your flying. This is a component naturally found in the skin and it basically gives our skin that nice plum hydrated feel.  It’s classed as a serum so put it on after you take off your mask.

Tip no.4 : Moisturise

Moisturise your skin. Try use a moisturiser with anti-oxidant rich ingredients like vitamin A and C.  My personal favorite is Environ skin essentia range. Vitamin A has the ability to repair and protect, while vitamin C is extremely hydrating on the skin. Vitamin A can not be used if pregnant of breastfeeding. So in this case I’d recommend a hylauronic base moisturiser like the Medik8 hydra8 night cream to ensre hydrated skin post flight.

Tip no.5 : Hydration Mists

Jane Iredale do an amazing range of hydrating mists for all skin types. They can be used as often as needed throughout your flight. Just spritz over the skin for added hydration. Also they smell amazing!

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